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With one in three Americans touched by cancer, the quest to eliminate this disease as a cause of human suffering and death requires help in many forms. Your gifts provide someone facing cancer with hope for the future - time - the most precious gift in the world. As an academic cancer center, the CTRC is a non-profit entity that not only conducts research, and teaches through the UT School of Medicine, but also see patients of every income level.

Why The Need?
Private contributions are seed money. They allow scientists to pursue promising new ideas and research that is not available through other funding. Private contributions also support the purchase of state-of-the-art equipment and facilities necessary for effective and efficient treatment and research.

"The Great Need" - How You Can Help
When you give to the "greatest need" at the CTRC you are allowing our scientists, physicians and administrators to direct your gift to an unmet need or an unforeseen opportunity.

Gifts for research support our world-class research division in the areas of basic, translational and clinical research. Since 1991, many of the anticancer agents approved by the FDA received their earliest pre-clinical and clinical development at CTRC.

Donations earmarked for equipment have helped CTRC purchase its progressive radiation therapy systems, imaging systems and research technology that allows us to continue to increase our margin of medical excellence. The newest NOMOS MIMiC IMRT technology and Tomotherapy treatment are now in operation at CTRC, and the Novalis Tx is scheduled for May 2009. CTRC is a pioneer in the use of state-of-the-art radiation therapy systems. This innovative work has enabled the treatment of patients with tumors that were previously unapproachable.

Patient Assistance
Beneficiaries of gifts for patient assistance often face barriers to medical care. Qualified patients are provided money and referrals for transportation, meals, housing, prescription medications, mobility equipment and incidental expenses on a case-by-case basis. Visit the Patient & Family Services page to learn more.

Endowments are the greatest source of financial security to facilities like CTRC. They represent resources set aside for the future much like a retirement account for an individual. Endowment funds support research, patient care, education and community service activities that otherwise might not be offered. Endowment funds are invested and only a portion of the funds balance is made available each year for use. These funds are vital to ensure that CTRC will be in a position of world leadership in both research and treatment in perpetuity.

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