Office of Scientific Writing (OSW)

Mission: To provide support to all preclinical and clinical researchers affiliated with Cancer Therapy and Research Center of the UTHSCSA by assisting with writing and reviewing of scientific/technical documents (e.g., research proposals, manuscripts and clinical trial protocols); conducting literature searches; and providing feedback for the development of strong grant applications for potential funding.

Note: CTRC Administration permits OSW to review documents related to cancer research only. Director will determine the suitability of the document to be reviewed by OSW.

Protocol to be followed to obtain service:

    1) Send electronically your documents to Dr. Subrata Haldar (
    2) You will be asked a few questions about your need.
    3) Return date of edited document will be notified while review of the document is in progress.
    4) You will get back your edited document in your INBOX by the promised date.

All enquiries should be directed to:
Subrata Haldar, PhD (Director, Office of Scientific Writing)
Phone: 450-3816
Location: 6th Floor, Zeller Bldg, Rooms: Z604 & Z605